Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lung Cancer, It's Not Only For Smokers !

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 Ways To Tweet in Twitter Via Mobile Phone

twitter image logoFacebook is beeing the greatest social networking site now. But, besides it many social networking ready to be competitor. One of some famous social networking is twitter. You can add many followers from it and you can share your information to your followers just by tweeting a 160 character message.

Milion people have been joined with twitter and some twitter followers use mobile phone to tweet their message. So, in this article I will tell you 8 ways to tweet in twitter mobile phone by using client providers applications.
There are 8 applications existed.

1. ceTwit
This application is especially for Windows Mobile users. ceTwit supports two Windows Mobile Platform, Pocket PC and Smartphone. But, Avatar is not supported by Smartphone. ceTwit doesn't show user icon. Because of the reason that icon will make the loading slower and it is needed more money. If you want to download ceTwit, get it in http://www.kosertech.com/blog/?page_id=5.

2. JarGong
JarGong is a multiclient application. Beside twitter this application also can access Flicker. JarGong also can be used to chat in many chatting providers such as Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, and Jabber Jargong supports many Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile, this is because of Jargong based on J2ME . If you want to download Jargong, get it in http://get.jargong.com.

3. Jitter
The simple application and be guaranteed will not eat much bandwith is Jitter because Jitter doesn't show image, only text will be showed. But, If you want to update Jitter status that will not make you disappointed. Jitter is base on Java, so many mobile phones can use it. You can download Jitter in www.getjar.com

4. MobileTwitter
Do you use iPhone or iPgodTouch ? If yes, You luck because you can get client Twitter application more actual such as TwitterMobile. TwitterMobile will show twitter like its web original version. You can update your status, photo and you can send your comments easier and more atractive. You can get MobileTwitter in http://apps.npike.net/MobileTwitter/

5. PocketTweets
One iPhone application that has base on display interface is PocketTweets. Although has complex display but loading processing is fast. PocketTweets also has many interesting features and are categorized as favourite mobile Twitter applications. You can get it from iPhone directly by accessing http://www.pockettweets.com.

6. Twobile
Twobile is used especially for Windows Mobile users. This application is personal project was made in middle of 2007. The display is more simple than PocketTweets. But, Twobile accomodates some twitter features well. Twobile can be downloaded in http://www.infinitumsoftware.com/twobile.

7. TwitToday
TwitToday especially for Windows Mobile 6.0. This application can update and show twitter status from desktop display directly. This application just has 2o kb size and you can use it as a plugin. To use it you can enter to Start/Settings/Personal/Today and sign "bLADE TwitToday".

8. Twitty
May be Twitty is most different application than other Twitter applications. This application is made base on FlashLight. Absolutely you can use this application if your ponsel has FlashLite Player 2.0 version. For example Nokia N95. You can dowload Twitty in http://www.biskero.org/?p=2791.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Increase Your Blog Traffic By Using Blogcatalog Broadcasting

Want to increase your traffic ? In this article, I will get you tips to increase your traffic by using blogcatalog broadcasting. This article is especially for beginers not to masters. So, I am sorry if I do some mistakes in this article. Give me your comments.
How to increase your traffic from blogcatalog :
1. Add your friends by adding them first. If you add some Blogcatalog.com members they will get email from blogcatalog that you have been added them as your friends. In majority usually they will add you back.
2. Add your blogs into blogcatalog.
3. Broadcast your new or old articles from your blogs. These are steps :
- Visit Blogcatalog Broadcasting Page.
- Login by enter your email address or blogcatalog username and your blogcatalog password then click "Login" button.
-Enter Subject : Title your broadcasting for example Twitter Monetizing, Enter Message : You can enter only blog url or give your resume.
- Click "Create Broadcast" button.
That is way to increase your blog traffic from blogcatalog.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

First Award For My Blogger Friends

blogger awardAs a new blog I want to give an award to my blogger friends. And I name it as "Award For Best Award Reactor" because I see they are often react some awards quickly. And in this award I will give for :
1. BisAwang
2. Rachmat
3. Es Campur 88
4. Adam San
5. Optimasi Blog
6. Melodanta
7. Latuminggi
8. Ihsan
9. Dede Andro
10. Kontjidot
Please write an article or award and put a my dofollow link ( http://dailygoodtips.blogspot.com) inside your article. For you all please keep posting and your spirit. Thanks my friends.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pay Per Click Ads are Not Effective For Old Followers

I joined twitter aproximately 2 months ago and I am now having 1200 followers. I tweeted pay per click ads from Revtwt aproximately 5 times and I just got $0.15 in first tweet then I didn't get more earning in second up to five tweet.
I think this is happened because of my first tweet was readed by new twitterers and they didn't know about twitter and how to monetize their tweets. I analogyze Revtwt with Google Adsense in a blog. In 2000 up to 2004 Adsense clicked by many people because many people didn't know what is adsense, and they just use internet to search information and not to get money. But, now many people are knowing about adsense and they want get money from internet so the click probability become low.
So, if you want to get more money from twitter you must search many new twitterers and tweet your ppc ads. Don't tweet too often because that makes your followers bore. This is just my experience.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Tips Links From Amazon To Improve Your Selling

How to improve your amazon products selling ? These are links to explore complete guides to improve your amazon products selling :
1. Product Selection & Link Types.
Need suggestions on how to improve your merchandising? Use this link to choose the best product and link.
2. Search-Engine Marketing
This Link help you to get high traffic from search engine.
3. Amazon Web Services
Help you to build Amazon links quickly and easily. But if you'd like to more deeply integrate our features and content into your Web site, you might want to check out Amazon Web Services.
4. Offers
You can choose amazon tools to increase your Web site's traffic. Take advantage of these offers today!
5. Recommended Reading & Resources
Here are some valuable resources to help you create a better, more useful Web site!

Those are amazon guides links. I hope this article useful for you.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tracing a Mobile Phone Location With Phone Number

To find your family ( husband, wife, children, friend, teacher, or enemy ) in a Location you can use Tracing a Mobile Phone method by using Phone Number. You can locate someone by mobile phone by using satellite facilities such as google map facility but you must know your partner number.These are steps :
1. Open http://www.sat- gps-locate. com/
2. Enter your partner phone number.
3. Wait for few seconds , satellite will trace the phone number
4. See and remember your partner condition
Try it, be success.
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Fix Your Blogspot Problem By Calling Google

I am having a question from my friend that his blog is having problem. He said that his blog was cracked by someone. I ever got the same problem and i see on my webmaster tool i was having an "alien" file in my blog. Just in one day google fix my problem.
How to contact google to fix your problem about malware or badware.
1. Visit Google Report Badware
2. Enter your blog url
3. Enter the chapca into the box
4. Enter your problem
5. Click Submit Report Button
Google will fix your blog problem just in few days.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buy Clothing For Kids By Using Shopwiki Guides

shopwiki logoDo you want to buy clothing for your kids ? Don't worry, Shopwiki will help you to choose the suitable clothing for your kids. Shopwiki as the biggest online shop have high quality and quantity of buying guides in many categories such as electronics, computer and sofware, accessories, babies and toddlers, automotive, home and garden, clothing, etc.

Remember kids will back to school soon, may be they need clothing for their new class. So, I think you need more information to buy suitable clothing for your kids. I think Shopwiki have complete buying guides to help you choose casual clothing for boys, winter clothes for kids, spring clothes for kids, clothing for girls, clothing for boys, toddler clothing, and casual clothing for girls.
By visiting shopwiki, you will receive informative news and guides to make you enjoy and easy to choose one clothing for kids product. Shopwiki has fast and easy search engine to search a product, you just fill your wanted keywords into shopwiki’s search engine box then click SHOP, then you will see some products guides. For example fill “clothing for kids ” and click SHOP, then enjoy shopwiki’s product guides, complete with the price and go to store.
Do you need clothing for kids information ? I recommend you to visit Shopwiki.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

I don't Know What's Happened

Today, my pagerank down from 3 to 0. I don't know what's happened ? Because I have many baclinks with high pagerank, I collect many dofollow baclinks with pr1 up to 5, and I start to update my posting daily. But, my pagerank down.
After I checked in Google Webmasters Tools, I predict that the problem is in an page losing. In my errors report, I saw my "alien" page was losing. The file name is :


I don't know what's happened I am really never submit this page in my life. But, why ? Why an illegal content is beeing showed in my blog. This case is seriously will decrease my pagerank because Google hate the error links. But, I am never submit this page.
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

SEO Blog Contest Effects

I often analyze the blogging activities in my country Indonesia. One subject that was analyzed is blog contest effects. In Indonesia, many masters and beginers join many blog contests such as review contest and seo contest. In this article I will review about seo contest effects for advertiser as the contest caretaker.

This contest is very useful for contest caretaker. Caretaker just provide money to give gift for the contest winners, the contest caretaker usually spend money from $150 up to $1000 and contestant must do some benefit working for the advertiser/sponsor such as :

1. A contestant must be sponsor's website or blog follower.

2. A contestant must favourite sponsor's website in technorati.

3. A contestant must put the dofollow sponsor link in each pages that will be followed in the contest, etc

What are effects :

1. Sponsor's blog pagerank increases quickly. I ever saw a blog with pagerank 0 became 3 after the owner executed a seo contest.

2. Sponsor get many followers.

3. Sponsor get good authority and rank in technorati.

Those are advantages of seo blog contest for sponsor, especially for the rich sponsor.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family and Children Program Tickets in Acheapseat.com

This posting has been deleted by Bang Kritikus
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How To Show Twitter Followers In Your Blog

I am very happy if i have many twitter followers, so how to put our total followers to our blog ? That is simple to show twitter followers :

1. Visit TwitterCounter.com

2. Type your twitter account in "Twitter People Search" box then click "Twitter People Search" button.

3. Click your twitter image.

4. Click "Get more followers: Add TwitterCounter to your site, blog or social network."

5. Choose your button and copy and paste your badge code.

6. Go to "Page Element" in Blogger and Add HTML/Javascript element.

7. Paste the code into it..then "SAVE"

Those are steps to show your twitter followers in your blog.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Improve Your Amazon Refferal Link Clicks By Using Twitter

This is my experience in Amazon affiliate program. I am very interesting in some Amazon products like baby toys, blogging book, computer, consoles, etc. And I often give my twitter followers some informations about Amazon new products. I am very happy if many followers click my informations but I think that is not enough if I just put the Amazon refferal links in my blog so I need the new way to increase my refferal link clicks.

I use twitter to increase my refferal link clicks, the process is simple :

1. Shorten your refferal link address with bit.ly

2. Add the product title in tweet box with ending your shorten refferal link, then tweet.

3. Check the real time datas with bit.ly info

4. Compare the bit.ly data with Amazon refferal link data.

Now, you can analyze your clicks amount. Thanks

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Increase Your Feedburner Subscribers Automatically By Using Twitterfeed

Do you have a blog and you don't have many subscribers because you have young blog ?. If you want to improve your feedburner subscribers automatically I recommend you to use Twitterfeed. The processing is very simple and easy :

1. You just sign up to Twitterfeed by entering your email address and create a password to login into Twitterfeed.

2. Add Your blog feed name and your feed url for example my feed name is Daily Good Tips and my feed url is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DailyGoodTips.

Is that very simple ? Yes it is. Now, how twitterfeed works :

Your new feed content will be displayed as your new tweet and your followers will see it, and Twitterfeed will put your feed url that was shorten by bit.ly  in the end of your tweet. If your followers click this link, they automatically will be counted as your feedburner subscribers. If you want increase your feedburner, I recommend you to use Twitterfeed.

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