Monday, May 18, 2009

When You Should Choose GSM or CDMA Internet Connection

Internet connection is very important to blogger who want get more money from internet, therefore blogger must choose the right internet service provider. Good internet service provider must have some excesses in speed and price, has fast internet access and cheap price. So, as a blogger you should collect more information about GSM or CDMA internet connection if you want to use dial-up internet connection.

When you should use GSM or CDMA internet connection ? I think it is suspended about your activity. For example, I choose CDMA SMART internet connection than GSM Telkomsel because in my home the CDMA Smart has same signal with GSM Telkomsel, but CDMA Smart is cheaper than GSM Telkomsel and I get 2 GB internet access per month, so I choose CDMA Smart. I also seldom go out from my home because usually I manage my blogs in my home.

If you often get traveling I recommend you to choose GSM, although the price is expensive because GSM has larger area than CDMA, and the signal is more stabil than CDMA. GSM is suitable for dynamic person.

Finally, use the dial-up internet connection follow your activity.

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Keep Your Children From Porn

In democration climate, everything can be showed in televisions, newspapers, magazines, websites, or blogs. But if you don't choose the television programs and you do some mistakes by choosing the wrong newspapers, magazines, films, or video games to your children this is dangerous for your future family. Their bodies will be adult too fast and faster than their thinking, so their sex instincts will be sex animal instincts.

In Indonesia, you can see porn advertisements those show part of breast or buttock and children watch them. I ever saw in a television new that children was playing spotlights if spotlights on, children can see porn in the wall. So don't shock if in Indonesia ever a man child violated a woman child because he ever watched striptease dance in video.

I think it is dangerous to your children so prevent your children from porn and educate your children with islam.

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How To Start Small Business With Islamic Methods

Muslim's business must be related with Islamic methods because business is a part of "muamalah". Muamalah means the human relationship so it must be regulated with Islam. Islam doesn't allow a muslim to eat interest from a bank because the interest is "riba", Islam also doesn't allow muslim to deceive someone by breaking their agreement in a business terms of service (TOS). So, a muslim must understand their business terms of service (TOS), if this TOS is not appropriated with Islam, muslim mustn't to do it. 

To start a small business you should choose the real business such as by selling something, join with paid to review (PTR) program in internet business, put google adsense in your blog or website etc. And don't join in non-real business such as forex trading, money selling, gambling etc. Because, non-real business can not be predicted when they will increase your income and when they will increase your income, and I think by doing real business you will earn money with real products or services.

So to start small business is easy : First, choose your desire real business, understand your business TOS and do it seriously by following the TOS. Say "Bismillahirrohmaanirohiim" if you are muslim. 

Finally, be success.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Indicate Diabetes Melitus Disease, Experience From My Father In Law

I have a father in law who has diabetes melitus disease. Over 40 days ago, he was cured in a Muhammadiyah's hospital in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. How my father in law got diabetes melitus disease ?

1. My father in law drunk sugar too much. He drunk tea with too much sugar every morning, he always walk every morning for jogging to get healthy but he didn't prevent his foods, he like fresh drink such as Sprite with high sugar, cake with high sugar, and tea with high sugar.

2. My father in law got abscess at his sole of foot. This abscess become bigger and bigger.

3. This abscess explosed and pus exited. This abscess become ulcer.

4. This ulcer become larger and larger.

5. My father in law went to Yogyakarta and then he was operated in March 2009. This operation needed more than ten milion rupiahs or more than $1000.

Now, my father in law is becoming thiner and thiner.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make Money With Blog, Don't Have Too High Dream If You Are Beginner

Generally, all of bloggers understand that they can get money from their blogs. Bloggers often see and watch the masters activities such as join in many programs to get money. Many masters join Google Adsense and then they get success, many masters join paid  to review programs and then they get success from those programs, many masters join paid to clicks programs and then they get a lot of refferals and they get more many, hundreds or thousands dollars per month.

If you are a beginner, i think you should have a goal with your blog. Many beginners don't have a goal, they just blogging and blogging and they often make blogging as activity besides their other jobs, so they only have ten posting per month or one posting per month. This fact indicated that they don't do blogging activity seriously and they get failed in blogging.

Many beginners also get failed in blogging because they have too high dream. They have not a goal in short time but they just have a goal in long time. They do mistake because they just dream and dream, they hope can become a master who has high income from internet but they have not enough knowledges and guides. They get failed and they will do blogging hopelessly. They want to get much money but they are not already to get some troubles in blogging activity. They think get money in blogging is easy, whereas in blogging to get one dollar is difficult. I ever get only one dollar in two months from Google Adsense, whereas i applied the master's theories but i get too small earning, i also get small money in other programs. 

So, from this article i just want to give you my experience that make money with blogging is not easy, i recommend you to ready get some troubles and failed in blogging processing. Don't have high dream if you are beginner. Start ready to get some troubles to get success.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome To DailyGoodTips Blog

Welcome to my blog, This is my tips blog. I hope i can give you more good tips about many kinds categories, such as blogging, making money, and a lot of categories in your life. I also will write about islamic tips. So, don't forget to enjoy my blog.

Purwokerto, May 6, 2009


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