Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Indicate Diabetes Melitus Disease, Experience From My Father In Law

I have a father in law who has diabetes melitus disease. Over 40 days ago, he was cured in a Muhammadiyah's hospital in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. How my father in law got diabetes melitus disease ?

1. My father in law drunk sugar too much. He drunk tea with too much sugar every morning, he always walk every morning for jogging to get healthy but he didn't prevent his foods, he like fresh drink such as Sprite with high sugar, cake with high sugar, and tea with high sugar.

2. My father in law got abscess at his sole of foot. This abscess become bigger and bigger.

3. This abscess explosed and pus exited. This abscess become ulcer.

4. This ulcer become larger and larger.

5. My father in law went to Yogyakarta and then he was operated in March 2009. This operation needed more than ten milion rupiahs or more than $1000.

Now, my father in law is becoming thiner and thiner.



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