Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make Money With Blog, Don't Have Too High Dream If You Are Beginner

Generally, all of bloggers understand that they can get money from their blogs. Bloggers often see and watch the masters activities such as join in many programs to get money. Many masters join Google Adsense and then they get success, many masters join paid  to review programs and then they get success from those programs, many masters join paid to clicks programs and then they get a lot of refferals and they get more many, hundreds or thousands dollars per month.

If you are a beginner, i think you should have a goal with your blog. Many beginners don't have a goal, they just blogging and blogging and they often make blogging as activity besides their other jobs, so they only have ten posting per month or one posting per month. This fact indicated that they don't do blogging activity seriously and they get failed in blogging.

Many beginners also get failed in blogging because they have too high dream. They have not a goal in short time but they just have a goal in long time. They do mistake because they just dream and dream, they hope can become a master who has high income from internet but they have not enough knowledges and guides. They get failed and they will do blogging hopelessly. They want to get much money but they are not already to get some troubles in blogging activity. They think get money in blogging is easy, whereas in blogging to get one dollar is difficult. I ever get only one dollar in two months from Google Adsense, whereas i applied the master's theories but i get too small earning, i also get small money in other programs. 

So, from this article i just want to give you my experience that make money with blogging is not easy, i recommend you to ready get some troubles and failed in blogging processing. Don't have high dream if you are beginner. Start ready to get some troubles to get success.



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