Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 Ways To Tweet in Twitter Via Mobile Phone

twitter image logoFacebook is beeing the greatest social networking site now. But, besides it many social networking ready to be competitor. One of some famous social networking is twitter. You can add many followers from it and you can share your information to your followers just by tweeting a 160 character message.

Milion people have been joined with twitter and some twitter followers use mobile phone to tweet their message. So, in this article I will tell you 8 ways to tweet in twitter mobile phone by using client providers applications.
There are 8 applications existed.

1. ceTwit
This application is especially for Windows Mobile users. ceTwit supports two Windows Mobile Platform, Pocket PC and Smartphone. But, Avatar is not supported by Smartphone. ceTwit doesn't show user icon. Because of the reason that icon will make the loading slower and it is needed more money. If you want to download ceTwit, get it in

2. JarGong
JarGong is a multiclient application. Beside twitter this application also can access Flicker. JarGong also can be used to chat in many chatting providers such as Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, and Jabber Jargong supports many Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile, this is because of Jargong based on J2ME . If you want to download Jargong, get it in

3. Jitter
The simple application and be guaranteed will not eat much bandwith is Jitter because Jitter doesn't show image, only text will be showed. But, If you want to update Jitter status that will not make you disappointed. Jitter is base on Java, so many mobile phones can use it. You can download Jitter in

4. MobileTwitter
Do you use iPhone or iPgodTouch ? If yes, You luck because you can get client Twitter application more actual such as TwitterMobile. TwitterMobile will show twitter like its web original version. You can update your status, photo and you can send your comments easier and more atractive. You can get MobileTwitter in

5. PocketTweets
One iPhone application that has base on display interface is PocketTweets. Although has complex display but loading processing is fast. PocketTweets also has many interesting features and are categorized as favourite mobile Twitter applications. You can get it from iPhone directly by accessing

6. Twobile
Twobile is used especially for Windows Mobile users. This application is personal project was made in middle of 2007. The display is more simple than PocketTweets. But, Twobile accomodates some twitter features well. Twobile can be downloaded in

7. TwitToday
TwitToday especially for Windows Mobile 6.0. This application can update and show twitter status from desktop display directly. This application just has 2o kb size and you can use it as a plugin. To use it you can enter to Start/Settings/Personal/Today and sign "bLADE TwitToday".

8. Twitty
May be Twitty is most different application than other Twitter applications. This application is made base on FlashLight. Absolutely you can use this application if your ponsel has FlashLite Player 2.0 version. For example Nokia N95. You can dowload Twitty in


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