Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is Making Money From Internet Easy ?

I got information about making money first in 2007 from a book that was priced approximately $2, the book title was "Easy Ways To Get Money From Internet : Google Adsense". The book concepts was very simple, and I believe I can write better than the book now. The book content list include how about make a blog or website, how to submit blog into search engine, how to promote blog into directories, how to put adsense ads in a blog or website, and how to withdraw money from adsense cheque.
Although I knew making money information first in 2007 but I started making blog in 2008. One year i spent my times to learn php and html to design my own template but I think if I just learned about php and html and didn't start blogging soon, I will not have experiences in blogging. So I started blogging in November 2008. My first blog is Tukang Kritik is an Indonesian blog but I had got hundreds dollar from many advertisers who wanted to promote their service in my blog entry. Then, Daily Good Tips is my second blog, this blog is English blog. I monetize this blog by following google adsense. Daily Good Tips is 5 months old, but I put adsense approximately 2 months ago, I think adsense is not easy way to earn money from internet. I just get $1.47 from this blog but I had got tens dollar from other advertisers.
From my story I think making money from internet is not easy especially from blogging (because I also monetize twitter). Making money from internet is needed two important words they are "build" and "keep". Build your blog better than others and Keep your blog to be always the best, but fewer bloggers can do it. And as a technician in Indonesian Government Office I just have little times to blog. But I still have high motivation to blog although I am not the best but I want to be better everyday.


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