Thursday, June 4, 2009

How Muslims Start Their Business

Muslims have unique ways to start their businesses. Their concepts are different with west concepts. West makes money is superior than others but Islam think "Alloh" is superior than others. West says "Time is Money", and Muslim says "Ridho Alloh is my goal". First, Muslim always think about halal and haram to determine the right business, then second see the benefit of business different with western concepts. So, how muslims start their business :

1. Think about the business. Halal or haram...if halal or Islam allows the business, do it.

2. Do with Islam. Run your business with akhlaq Islam, you must do your business honestly and friendly to your muslim or non-muslim customers.

3. Pray to Alloh and ask Alloh to make your business success.

4. Almsgiving in poor or rich condition. Give your money to other people or to your family with barokah and halal money.

I think capital is not the indicator of success but hardworking and praying are success indicators...Abdurrahman bin Auf ra started their business with less capital and litle things but he got success.



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