Friday, January 29, 2010 lifestyle on the net : The Meaning Of SEO Master

Seo master the meaning is often used only as if one could win the race or contest seo, or the ability to make a page appear in the first rank google, yahoo, etc. search engines for keywords .Based on observations, usually the master seo it does not recognize that they are the master, just Just a few people who then feel impressed and give them a master's degree seo.
However, I think frankly, master seo if interpreted as above it then it is too narrow, because in reality to reach rank 1 on a search engine could use a variety of ways, such as spamming and do that violates the terms of service of a blog or website I met a few comments.Often contestant lifestyle on the net using a means that can destroy the pagerank of a page by applying more than 3 links in a comment, and some have reached 10 or more. Yes, perhaps this is one strategy to get peringkat.Logikanya, if all the pages leading to the main page that contested the ranking will rise, but if they never notice the feeling of the blog owner? There is an interesting phenomenon when I visited a blog that is rich in high berpagerank pages from 1 to 5, wonderful! Incredible! link scattered like sand on the beach times ( "- figure of speech hyperbole -"), after yesterday's update pagerank pageranknya previously 3, 4 or 5 straight vanish so n / a. Then when I tried to comment on these blogs there is a notification that less lebihnya "Your comment will be published after being approve by the blog owner", meaning it has moderated blog not as free as before.
If I think an important individualistic high pagerank me then I will do a much spam extraordinary other than put a link to more than three or if you want me Put all 30 links tuh let ancur my blog for a high pagerank. But honestly from my heart the most in, I do not have the heart ... and once again I do not have the heart. At best so far I just put a link to just 2, and 1, and most did not put the link. I thought, what if I dibegitukan, my work has built for months or even years destroyed, and if more in-depth how it feels when a high pr page cause I always get high traffic, but was suddenly destroyed by spamming and so n / a and do not get the rate lagi.Andalah traffic and please you think. And honestly I probably will not be limited to menggelari an seo master course, I will probably be better to use a second specification of the master and master black white seo seo. This is what can I take lessons from the contest seo lifestyle on the net.


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