Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How To Make Unique Ringtone With Musaic

The ringtone unique can make mobile phone more interesting. Beside with download way, you can make your unique ringtone alone. One way is by using an application that can be installed into ponsel / mobile phone. You can try Musaic.
Musaic is a Java application that can make music polyphonic in some generation, by using made intelligence, this application can combine part of some ringtones become a new ringtone.
How to make unique Ringtone with musaic :
1. This application can be downloaded from http://www.getjar.com/products/15429/MusAic. Make sure your ponsel/mobile phone is supported by this application, at demo page click Demo. If you interest to buy the Musaic full version, just click "Buy" that will make you visit to Nokia OVI store.
Then, the downloaded file is sent to ponsel/mobile phone via Bluetooth, Infrared or data cable. This application is installed automatically and you just follow the next instructions.
You also can download it directly by using ponsel/mobile phone by opening your ponsel/mobile phone browser. Type m.getJar.com>> choose Quick Download >> Enter 35579 code.
2. Open Menu >> Choose MusAic>> Option >> Open. MusAic can be used by some ways. First, make a song with non-stop music, or you can make your unique ringtone by some clicking. Or you can use creative idea by unique composition. After opened choose "set preferences" > choose "song length" >
3. The display can be changed with "set preferences" >> "appearences" >> choone one choice.
4. This application has "style" feature where you can choose a music that will be made. Then set your wanted size. The result is displayed at "Style Meter" display that is limited by "Rythmic" (dominated by drum tone), "Pop", "Jazz", or "12-tone".
The size value of "Style Width" can be regulated until seem the genre musics such as "Pop", "Jazz" as the result.
5.Second, "Play" display where made music regulation is played by using CD player standart regulation. At above your display, you can determine the rating value for each songs. This application also use input regulation to regulate how the music is made. It makes each song that is created will be absolutely original, as the result of input rating and the application reaction. This application can value music desire that is made and adapt itself with your music desire.
6. The recording result can be saved or restored as "virtual composer". You also can group two music compositions, become one song. Each song that is played can be saved or exported into MIDI format that will be saved at "sound" folder in ponsel. Of course, you also can send the file into computer and open it to edit again by using a computer application.
7. If you get problems you can learn using technique by using "help" facility that has using instructions.
Using Tips :
This application uses "artificial inteligence" that can adapt saved music composition. Besides it, you can use these tips :
1. To make Rap music background, use style 57 with beat approximately 98 bpm (bitrate per minute), and prepare space for virtual song.
2. To make 12 tone music use "style" 121-122.


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