Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WP Easy Uploader : Easy Uploading Via Wordpress

The basic function of WP Easy Uploader is same with One Click Plugin Updater, it can make easy to install plugin and theme that will be used without dowloading and uploading via FTP client. So, just login WP-Admin.
But, Easy Uploader has more advantages because it can upload every files into Uploads directory that is used as default if in image uploading, and we can determine other directories at Wordpress directory installation manually.
If a directory that will be determined doesn't have upload address , WP Easy Uploader will make it. This application/facility is useful if besides plugin and theme uploading, you also often upload other files to some needs.
After WP Easy Uploader processing was finished, we can get a good interface via Manage >> Upload Files. In here, you can choose file source that will be uploaded into its directory destination.
You can also determine Option from uploading processing that will be done, such as overwrite existing file, change the name if a same file name already existed, extract archive file (WP Easy Uploader support zip, tar, gz, tar.gz, tgz, dan tar.bz2) that is uploaded, and coerce to upload at a folder that is suitable with its file name.
WP Easy Uploader can be downloaded in


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