Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is Google Pagerank the Most Important In Blogging ?

In past time, I said that Google Pagerank is the most important in blogging, but I am now starting to change this blogging paradigma. This is because of without google pagerank I still can get traffic from search engine, I also see in search engine a page with pr0 or n/a (not available) often get better SERP than a page with higher pagerank so I think google pagerank is not most important in blogging.
I think readability is most important in blogging. Your original content that can help many people to get happy in their life is most important. You will get many advantages if you just want to help people, money, friends, subscribers will come to you automatically. I write my thinking in this article in this blog because I have been did mistakes so my pagerank down, but in the same time I get many visitors from search engine when my pagerank is not available (n/a).
So...how about you ?


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