Thursday, August 6, 2009

How To Manage Computer Via Mobile Phone By Using MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control

Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control is an free application that can be used to control computer from far place. The main destination from using this application is to change mobile phone becomes auniversal computer remote control. This article will describe how to manage computer via mobile phone.
This application has enough power when be used for business application or personal need. With this application, users can control from far place, so they can use PowerPoint, mouse cursor or also to browse contents inside computer via mobile phone.
Users will get some helpfull features after they install this application but the hardware must be compatible for this application. MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control is categorized as a freeware so users can dowload it for free.
MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control make its users to change track and video when they are playing in Media Player or Winamp. Users also can find artist or album and control volume from this program.
This application also give opportunity for users to access some programs such as Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer until Firefox from far place. In the same opportunity users also can run commands at computer or send text message to desktop.
MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control consist of two parts, they are client and server (both made from Java). The first part must be located inside mobile phone that has J2ME basic with Bluetooth ability. And the second part must be located inside computer that will be supported.
To run this application, users must have Bluetooth equipment in their mobile phone and computer. Apply MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control for client into mobile phone (client) and into server application into computer.
Some features those are included in MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control, they are Remotely Control Mouse,Keyboard, PowerPoint, Winamp, Windows Media Player etc. Users also can access to desktop from mobile phone. To configure Bluetooth just use mobile phone connection.

Detail :
Developer :;
Version :
File size : 3.2 MB/ Java
Platform : J2ME
Category : System Utilities/ Remote;
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