Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reffering Site Optimization, The Suitable Method To Get Traffic For New Blog

I am the new blogger. I don't have enough knowledge about search engine optimization (seo), and i get knowledge just from masters by reading blogs of Daniel Scoco, Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak, etc. I hope i will better every day, and be better. Because of I don't have enough knowledge in blogging, that is very difficult if I use seo method to get traffic for my new blog. So, I use RSO (Reffering Site Optimization) to get traffic.

Advantages of reffering site optimization and some tips to maximize it are :

1. This method is suitable for new blogger who has no more knowledge in seo

2. You should comment in master's blog that has high traffic and clever in seo theory and application, because if readers read master's blog they usually read your comment. And master usually understand to get more traffic in search engine, if their pages are readed by readers, automatically your comment also will be readed.

3. Give your best comment. Don't just comment like "thanks for your info", but do better than it. Why ? Because readers will evaluate your comment and they will visit your blog if your comment is very interesting.

Those are the reffering site optimization to get traffic. This tips is only for beginers like me. Thanks for your responses.



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