Friday, June 19, 2009

Google Makes Not Well Verification Code Format

Some days ago, I changed my template and I wanted to see how many links were linked in my blog. In Google Webmasters's dasbord I saw that this blog was unverified status, so I must verify it. I went to verify code page and I saw code like this :

I copied and pasted this verify code into my html code  between <head> and </head> section, but I always got error and i saw the error message that my code was not well formed. First I didn't understand why this was happened, because some months ago I never get error like this. But after I saw carefully I got the trouble maker was the code was not closed by backslash ("/") character. Finally I added "/" in the end of code before ">" character and the code became like this :
<meta name="verify-v1" content="cRncTk2CY+ZHKblSVqkTGRwEZIQQhykCpKbxjT9oFcM=" />
I think google have been made a mistake in their new verify code page. And I hope google will repair this mistake, espescially in verify code problem, because this is very difficult for new bloggers that don't understand about deep html code.

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Google Have Repaired Their Verification Code Format

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