Thursday, February 4, 2010 lifestyle on the net : One Minute Speed Index

Tukang Criticism was dropped but one thing is superior than this blog is the ability to be indexed by Google. In seo contest lifestyle on the net speed of my index rising rapidly despite a pagerank blog is only 2, no ping and injected with a dofollow link new article Tukang Criticism, indexed by google in less than 1 minute. So when I write this article, then google will soon mengindeksnya.
This is one of a blessing for me, with the ability of these indices sayapun Praise grateful enough not all capabilities of this blog down. Although lifestyle on the net index slumped but the faster speed. Thus my opportunity to be more search engine friendly and the greater the speed of this index may affect the lifestyle pages on the net is still being sought to be optimized spurious. Finally, Alhamdulillah one minute speed index


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