Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comment in External Nofollow Blog Can Increase Your Link Popularity

I see that many masters use external nofollow in their blogs. I think what are advantages of using external nofollow in a blog for readers. One advantage of using external nofollow is can improve commentators's link popularity. Because by commenting in external nofollow, commentators's links will be indexed in Google Webmasters Tools, Yahoo, Alltheweb, and Altavista. I often comment in one of my favourite blog "", and you can see the result below :

External Nofollow in Google Webmasters Tools

google webmasters indexes external nofollow blog
External Nofollow in Yahoo Inlinks

yahoo indexes external nofollow
External Nofollow in Alltheweb Link

alltheweb indexes external nofollow
External Nofollow in Altavista
altavista indexes external nofollow

So Let's comment in dofollow and external nofollow blog.



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